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tv   News  ABC  August 6, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> and a wake up window at the bottom of the screen. we have an active day here and held off and throughout the day today. there we go. and baltimore and slipping into the 60s. we'll knock this down. and explosive development as we went and and especially and ocean city with more rain moving in. and the open boats are going out. wait until you see the record they caught. a blue marlin 1000 pounds. and we are? the -- in the 70s. and a better chance of storms later on the shore. as we check the county here. this is route 50 at 97. we don't have problems to let
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you no he about. traffic is flowing despite the wet roads. use caution as you head to the commute. good news in 95 southbound and the earlier crash is cleared. in getting word of a fire and expect to see crews on the scene there. and inner loop that crash is on the scene and blocks the right shoulder. and that a wash on the scene there. and west bound parkway and crews are preparing for the water main break that has the right lane remaining block. >> this is the guy on the bike that you pass he is the one with the shoes, gloves. mir yobs -- mirrors. he is as highly educated us a you can get is hit and killed
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by a truck. this what happened on tuesday morning right at the maryland avenue at west laf net near penn station. >> reporter: jack yates was a biker for 20 years. he was hit by a truck and killed. he was hit as the driver made a turn from maryland avenue. the accident was caught on camera but they could not make out the license plate. he was on his way to the university of baltimore where he was pursuing his third master's degree. his family says that he was always safe on his bike and had mirrors on the helmet. and clipped the back wheel and never saw him they think the driver left without happening. that eswhat a witness had to say. >> if it looks dangerous. >> reporter: and police need your help with the investigation. if were you nearby and you saw
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anything, they're asking that you call metro crime stoppers that number is 866-7-lockup. we're reporting on surprising developments here in the deadly shooting case in baltimore. a police officer has changed her story. the officer shot and killed a 61-year-old man back in february and had his nephew for wrestling for the gun. that nephew is joseph farst. she admits she blamed the wrong person. >> this woman is not quite all right i'm telling you she has a gun and a badge. >> reporter: now he was locked up it with no bail until the officer testified she may have confused him with an identified suspect. the lawyer said he plans to file a lawsuit. a spokesperson said it will be up to the state's attorney whether the shooting was justified in and that the officer could face charges. this week the city council in ocean city banned the sale of the possession of a
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substance. you are wondering if it is so dangerous in ocean city why is it legal in the rest of the state? salvaa is a herb. it can be smocked, eaten and get a quick high. now here are the youtube videos that people are using here. it is crazy, it has been found illegal in delaware, virginia. the you can walk down the board walk and buy it. now the council passed a fine for the sale or possession of the herb. this year the maryland house passed the ban and they did not get around to voting on it. >> i'm out there with others trying to and they plan to reintroduce it in the session.
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and a hurry up order on flu vaccine. supplies a tight. and it will not be ready until the government can figure out how many doses that we need. department of health will have two clinics at no cost that will be in rosedale from 11 to 4:00 this afternoon. the governor will be the keynote speaker at the horse forum. orangers will talk about labor land use and the future. that will go on today. >> and the panthers will be do doing this right. this he are gearing up for a major debut tonight. let's take a look outside the door now. 72 degrees. now here is mark jones with another update on the m. it a.
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hell hoe out there on the buses. 17 taking a die ver -- hello out there on the buses. 17 diverted. you will find the 21 with a tie version and 47 diverted at northern parkway. and mark trains are moving about on time. for the transit team, i'm mark jones. thy to..
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now the weather on this thursday morning. here is justin berk as we peel it back. >> and we're looking at this picture. this is 1000 pounds. there is a picture of the guy in the boat like this. how many times has someone told you a fish story and say it is not long enough. wait until you see this off the shores of ocean city yesterday. right now rain for the area. 69 degrees and we have low 70s
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let's switch it over. the road and storms. and another round of showers approaching and perhaps ocean city. a rough day for boaters. we're looking at showers. the best chance of storms south and east of baltimore a few peeks of sun. here is kim now with a look at wet traffic. we start off the commute and no problems in either direction. and i-97 you make your way to the beltway. use caution. a crews on the scene of a fire in the area. that's going to be at wilkins. that could cause a bit of
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attention. and howard county. and in the city and going on there. this is mlk and you see it is very quiet this morning. no problems to let you know about. did you hear about ta backup. >> we're heading there to see how people camped out all night for chick-fil-a. then we'll go to westminster for pig skin talk with purple and black fans. come on. [ kissing ]
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we're 16 minutes away from 6:00. we want to get you caught up on the news. a judge has now saturday new trial date for shelia dixon. she face as trial on charges, including theft and perjury. it had been scheduled for september 8th but had to be delayed after prosecutors obtained a new indictment and includes new evidence and restores some perjury charges that have been thrown out. >> and the senate is expected to approve 2 million to keep the cash for lungers program alive. it would give shoppers until labor day to get a rebate of $4500. the parents of two former students at towson have agreed to dismiss their lawsuit to keep the school open.
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they a i grid to dismiss the suit against the archdiocese and administrators with prejudice tis which means they cannot file it again so it looks like it is closed forever. if you plan to win a moped or scooter, plan on wearing a helmet. the new -- ocean city ordinance requires businesses to identify them officials say that it crashes a lot of them more than we had last year. put a helmet on. if you drive a midsize sedan. ratings are and they are not good. the institute for highway safety tests show that the mazda is 6 was the only car to get an acceptable rating. that's just a notch below good. the top rating. coming in at 6:00 a list of the cars that were tested and thoufp could cast if you are in
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a fender bender. chick-fil-a in mr if you are a fan you have been in line since tuesday. and we'll talk to every single american line today. good morning to you. what would you do in the name of free food? more than 200 people here in middle river will spend 24 hours in a parking lot and now in the rain to get 52 free meals here. before we he go any further i want to tell you that the promotion is bringing in the new store is bringing in 60 jobs. what a great idea. free food. new jobs in the economy. and this promotion is just about to wrap up at 6:00. they will hand out the coupons. let me tell you about the people, the stories. the people that we meet here. and the one family traveled from florida and bunker hill
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where you a staying this summer. this is your 37th time doing a promotion. why? >> we love chick-fil-a. this he are wonderful. closed on sunday and they are still going gung-ho. it is about the stories the people that you meet out here. it is like a vacation for you. >> it is cheap and i know when to get it and when to leave. they take care of you. you don't have to worry about my relatives saying look over there at so and so. we enjoy it. we enjoy it. we eat a lot of chicken but we give a lot of them away. a lot. >> you have traveled to 13 states. you have you don't know your kitchen. i do not want to get reacquainted. >> you give away a lot of
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coupons to family and friends and church. we share, yes. >> that's good thing. that's a good thing. >> thank you you need to get in line we'll let you do that. thank you for joining us. 60 new jobs with the store opening coming to middle river. get this, jamie. 95 years old. stella spend the night in the parking lot. 24 hours. she joined her son. we'll talk to her in the next hour. i love it. that's great. way to go. >> hello. [ laughter ] >> thank you, after working hard add winning big and panthers are on a trip. the team is off to puerto rico for the tournament. they are competing in the world series for the teams. good luck to your panthers. get out of the cool and back on
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the field. today it is rookie's day. as we see, yesterday it was all about the old vets. >> i get up at 5:00, i live in glen burnie. i bring sodas and an ice pack. >> oh... >> i like the raven so much. i don't know he why. >> i have 48. >> ready, go. >> my ritual. not a lot of coffee.
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>> i don't care i had no item this year we're in better shape than they were. >> my dad. he wants nothing to do with this. >> what does it take to run a team. >> no idea. >> and what about the rookies. >> what do you ask them. >> i go over and stand over there. >> i know what you are saying. 12, 12-4. >> within we're done we'll do be the benefit we can be, i want to play football. a little wet this morning. it is a little wet for the
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chick-fil-a. it will have rain to deal with. another beautiful day for the white marlin open. 71 off the coast. we're looking at temperatures 72 at the top of the hour. slipping into the 60s. 68 degrees a look at 56 and 58 degrees in pittsburgh. we have chilly air. a frontal boundary. it did not give us the rain. went into the newsroom talking about the chance of rain erupting into the afternoon and evening hours. it did not happen because it slowed down and now that it is slowed down and all day to go through the area. a slow moving boundary.
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and heavier forms and they are caught and a few hundred miles. and locally we could have spotty showers as moving down. and fight off clouds on saturday. 79. and back to 62. and tomorrow 85 and decent. >> we don't have problems. >> and no problems here at 95 southbound headed through howard county. getting word of crashes. and that has 2 lanes the
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highway from the on ramp there is a crash. >> and courtney road. 125 and westbound at the northern park twaoe near falls road. right lane is blocked there as well. checking here at the cameras the j. if x. interest traffic it moving good. the roads are wet. we don't have problems or delays to let you know about. back to you. we're 7 minutes away from 6:00. a warrior exhibit in houston. we have a live one here.
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and get a free sample. good morning. we'll have the weather and the way to work behind the wheel of the car. let's take a look at headlines. fred he sanford is happy. you can trade in your clunkers for a new car but you are buying more foreign motors than american made. >> we looked over it from bottom to end. police aring looing for a man who hit


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